Our investment concept

Our investment concept rests on two fundamental beliefs. First, we believe in equities as an attractive asset class: companies are the economic engines of our society. In the long-term equities as an asset class have shown to outperform most, if not all, other asset classes. Secondly, we do notbelieve that markets are always efficient: they tend to overreact due to behavioral biases of market participants.

This makes us classic value investors deeply rooted in the tradition of Graham and Dodd: by investing in equities trading at the largest discounts to our estimated intrinsic value – Graham's margin of safety - we take advantage of both: the long-term capital appreciation of equities and the opportunities offered by prices not  reflecting intrinsic values.

We have identified a significant opportunity in enriching traditional value investing through quantitative finance: using mathematical finance, empirically tested research and statistical models, we have developed proprietary investment systems that can increase the accuracy of what value investing is all about: the margin of safety.

We have implemented our investment concept into three funds: