Our investment principles

We are investors, not speculators
No attempt to time the market. No leverage. Focus on risk-adjusted returns (not just returns).

We are asset managers, not asset gatherers
Our focus is to manage assets - not to blindly grow assets.

We look for value globally
Across asset classes, markets, sectors/industries and market caps. There is no merit in restricting the search for value.

We focus on long-term results
It's not short-term performance that matters but long-term results achieved with discipline. Volatility should not be feared but viewed as a potential opportunity. 

We keep investing simple
Focus on fundamental value. No activism. Independent thinking and analysis form the basis of any investment decision

We invest with courage
We are not contrarians but we want to stay immune from crowd behaviour and herd instincts.

We act with integrity, fairness and modesty
We treat investors how we would like to be treated. We are cost consciousness with our investors' money. It may not appear that obvious but there is only so far you get in this industry without modesty.

We believe in our product
We invest substantially all of our investable net worth alongside our investors. At the same terms.